YouTube is a Writer’s Best Friend

When I’m not writing or critiquing manuscripts for other authors, I can usually be found at my computer with my feet in the chair and headphones over my ears browsing YouTube for writing and publishing content. As the title of this post suggests, this year I’ve found that YouTube is a writer’s best friend.

Whether you’re pursuing the traditional route and querying literary agents or going it alone with self-publishing, YouTube offers a host of helpful resources for writers, from marketing tips generously handed out by self-published authors who have achieved the milestone of a six-figure income (Six-Figure Author Podcast) to writing, editing, and querying tips from former literary agent Meg LaTorre (iWriterly).

Below I’ve made a list of some of my favorite YouTube content, so grab some headphones, a snack, and perhaps an adult beverage, and dive right in. I hope you find as much value in these interviews, lectures, episodes, and conversations as I have!

Writing and Publishing Resources on YouTube

“Advice From a Top Literary Agent”, an interview with literary agent Mark Gottlieb of Trident Media Group (Channel: NY Book Editors)

“What Makes a Bestseller? | Jonny Geller | TEDxOxford”, a Tedx Talk featuring literary agent Jonny Geller of Curtis Brown (Channel: Tedx Talks)

“Literary Agent Critiques First Pages | Ft. Megan Manzano | Ep. 1 | iWriterly”, a live critique session of viewer-submitted first pages featuring literary agent Megan Manzano of D4EO Literary Agency (Channel: iWriterly)

“Our Top Writing, Marketing, and Publishing Tips”, in which hosts Lindsay Buroker, Andrea Pearson, and Joseph Lallo look back on what they’ve learned in their ten years of indie publishing (Channel: Six-Figure Author Podcast)

“Kurt Vonnegut, Shape of Stories (subtitulos castellano)”, a lecture from author Kurt Vonnegut on story structure (Channel: Eva Collins Alonso)

“First Line Frenzy: An Editor Critiques Your Book’s Opening Line”, a live first line critique session featuring Reedsy editor Rebecca Heyman (Channel: Reedsy)

“Literary Agents: Full Uncensored Interview”, an interview with literary agents Jodi Reamer of Writers House, Kim Witherspoon of Inkwell Management, Robert Gottlieb of Trident Media Group, Sloan Harris of ICM, Eric Simonoff of WME, and Christy Fletcher of Fletcher & Company (Channel: The Hollywood Reporter)

“Full Writers Roundtable: Jordan Peele, Darren Aronofsky, Emily V. Gordon | Close Up With THR”, an interview with screenwriters Jordan Peele (‘Get Out’), Anthony McCarten (‘Darkest Hour’), Aaron Sorkin (‘Molly’s Game’), Fatih Akin (‘In the Fade’), Emily V. Gordon (‘The Big Sick’), and Darren Aronofsky (‘mother!’) (Channel: The Hollywood Reporter)

“A Literary Agent Reviews Query Letters Submitted by Viewers | Reedsy”, a live query letter critique session featuring literary agent Jon Darga of Aevitas Creative Management (Channel: Reedsy)

“Selling Short Fiction and Actually Making Money with T. S. Paul”, an interview with indie author T.S. Paul in which he discusses his success selling serialized short sci-fi fiction (Channel: Six-FIgure Author Podcast)

“Literary Agent, Book Editor: Literary Agents & Book Editors”, an interview with literary agent Sally Hill McMillan and Algonquin Books Executive Editor Chuck Adams (Channel: Stacey Cochran)

“The World According to the Famous Writer John Irving”, a documentary featuring John Irving, author of The World According to Garp and Ciderhouse Rules (Channel: True Story Documentary Channel)

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