WB Welch’s Latest Release and Boxed Set Giveaway

Hello friends! WB Welch here. I’m stopping in to update you on my latest release, and also to announce a signed boxed set giveaway. Yesterday was my birthday, and with it came a free promo for the kindle versions of all my previously published works along with the official release of my new novella, Rose’s … Continue reading WB Welch’s Latest Release and Boxed Set Giveaway

All First-Person Protagonists are Writers

DO YOU ever think about that? There’s an exception, of course: novels presented as transcribed verbal storytelling, like Stephen King’s Dolores Claiborne. For the most part, though, all first-person protagonists are writers. That’s not to say the character necessarily identifies as a writer within the time frame of the story, but whatever they experienced in … Continue reading All First-Person Protagonists are Writers