I Want to Read Your Query

I WANT to read your query and/or your opening chapters. There are many of you out there who can’t afford an editor or a query consultant but would love the opportunity, so I’m volunteering to take on as much of a workload as I can manage.

At the same time, I would love to make a little extra dough. I have a very flexible life, but it’s contingent on income. If I can make a little money doing what I love–helping other authors–then I can devote more time to helping those who can’t afford to pay me.

The Query Consultation page in the drop down menu will tell you everything you need to know. I’m not trying to build an empire here. It’s always been my dream to work in the publishing world, as an author or an editor or a literary agent, but I know I have to prove myself. I’m a rigorously private person. I have no credentials to offer you apart from the testimony of a few writers with whom I’ve worked closely on their manuscripts and queries.

So I’m putting myself out there. I’ll do the work, and if you think it’s valuable, you can tip me through CashApp or send me an Amazon gift card. If you can’t afford to pay, a tweet tagging me (@PartyFreckle) and telling your followers I made you happy . . .

. . . would make me happy. Just keep in mind that the word FREE has a gravitational pull, and in this cruel world paying customers go to the front of the line.

With love,


P.S.–Go to Consultation Page for more info.

3 thoughts on “I Want to Read Your Query

  1. I wish you luck with this offer! I’ll definitely take advantage of this with my next WIP. It’s not in a workable state yet, with only 75% of the first draft complete, but I’m writing it with literary agents in mind. So I’ll need all the query writing help I can get.


    C. D. Tavenor
    @tavenorcd (Twitter)

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