Client Testimonials

“After eighteen months of fruitless querying, I enlisted the help of Tory Hunter to do a full manuscript critique, along with synopsis. As a result of her suggestions, I received a revise and resubmit request from an agent. Tory worked with me to address the agent’s concerns, and two weeks later I had an offer of representation on my cozy mystery series, which I happily accepted.” Kate Jackson, agented mystery author [Twitter | Website]

“Tory’s insight and clear explanation really helped me when I was querying.”Eilene Spear, agented contemporary romance author [Twitter]

“If not for Tory’s expertise in submission materials, I’d probably still be in the querying trenches. Her query package changes the game.”—Kyle Anthony, agented suspense/thriller author [Twitter]

“Think of Tory Hunter as the Manuscript Whisperer. Bring her your tangled, troubled prose and she’ll cure what ails it. Or come to her for an editorial overview and she’ll analyze your work with honesty, intelligence, and compassion. I was pleased beyond all expectation with the work she did for me. Worth every penny!” — J.J. Blacklocke, agented author of REFUGE: Tradepoint Saga Book One (Aethon Books) [Twitter | Website]

“Writers are told to shove their manuscripts into a drawer for months in order to get the necessary distance to edit their work. You could do that, or you could hire Tory. Her critique gave me both the ‘big picture’ of what wasn’t working, as well as chapter-by-chapter impression of details that didn’t add up. I’m excited to tackle my rewrite with her thoughtful feedback!”—Jami Denison, agented mystery author [Twitter | Website]

“Tory’s critique was insightful and on-point, and she gave me encouragement that renewed my enthusiasm and love for my upmarket women’s fiction novel. I attacked her points and the MS was made infinitely stronger, and resulted in multiple MS requests from agents, a few of which are still outstanding. Can’t recommend her enough!”—Angela Hoke, contemporary suspense author [Twitter | Website]

“A full critique from Tory empowered me to query my first novel with confidence. Her feedback was thorough and enthusiastic. Straight away, she pinpointed and offered a simple suggestion to solve my one nagging concern within my story. I was so impressed I requested her help with writing my query letter and summary. With her skill and support, I am currently querying and receiving full requests from agents. I cannot praise the value of her services enough!”—Misty L. Brown, mystery/suspense author

“I’ve purchased Tory’s manuscript critique service twice now. Once was for a horror short story collection, once for a fantasy novel, so I can say she knows her way around multiple genres and story formats. Both times I got excellent, insightful feedback that directly helped me improve my stories. She was professional, encouraging, and answered several rounds of follow-up questions. I’ve come to see her as an expert in the revision and agenting process, and it would be hard to imagine publishing another book without running it past Tory first.”—Ichabod Ebenezer, horror author [Twitter | Website]

“Tory went beyond my expectations and her honest feedback allowed me to make the changes needed to transform my manuscript and query letter into something ready to send to agents. She’s an insightful and encouraging editor who I would gladly trust with any future work!”—Mae Afia, contemporary fiction author

“Tory gave great editorial feedback to help me revise my query to be more concise and catchy. I feel a lot more confident querying agents now. Two thumbs up!”Jessica Alwell, fantasy author

“Working with Tory on my historical adventure novel has been both inspiring and enlightening. The comprehensive editorial assessment she performed identified character development issues, plot weaknesses, and continuity errors I otherwise would have missed. She does good work at a fair price.”—Benjamin J. Gohs, historical fiction author

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