My Favorite Twitter Poet | Book Recommendation

I’VE BEEN reading John R. Hinton’s poetry ever since I joined the Writing Community on Twitter. You might have read some, too, because this guy TWEETS IN POETRY ALMOST EXCLUSIVELY. Now he’s released his first collection, BLACKBIRD SONGS.

It’s a refreshing thing to come across in the endless sea of writer’s lifts, What’s Your Character’s Favorite Cereal?, and buy links. I’m not knocking how you tweet, reader, I promsie. I’m just appreciate a writer who is so committed to merging his craft with his social media presence.

If you read John’s tweets regularly, you’ll notice he’s reacting, expressing thoughts, and making statements just like the rest of us, but while we’re all asking questions for engagement, playing follow games, and communicating like normal people, John takes a more subtle approach. His poetry is vivid, provocative, entertaining, mysterious . . . and sometimes it feels like a subtweet.

Well now we have the opportunity to experience John’s poetry outside the Twittersphere and in proper book form. BLACKBIRD SONGS is unbound by the 280 character limit constraint and available in both print and Kindle format.

BLURB: In Greek lore, the blackbird was considered sacred and destructive. These poems from Indiana author John R. Hinton will rend and scar, heal and torment, bleed and balm, and surprise, and you’ll fly from the page a changed spirit.

I just purchased a Kindle copy of the book, and I can’t wait to sit down to read it. Normally I would never recommend a book without having read it first, but, again, for a year straight I’ve read poems from this guy every single day. He’s good. Trust me.

Click here to get a copy on Amazon!

With love,