Query Consultations

QUERY WHAT? you might be thinking. Okay, here’s the deal. I am now boldly offering free query consultations. Crazy right?

Here’s what I’m offering:

A critique of your query in the form of an editorial letter, with an additional critique of a revision. If you’re happy with my feedback, I accept good faith donations via PayPal, CashApp, or Amazon gift card–but you don’t have to pay me anything.

Here’s why I’m doing this:

1) So far it’s been my experience that writers are pleased with my feedback on queries and manuscripts.

2) I love doing it but have a tendency to pile too much on myself.

I will do the work first, on faith, and if you’re happy with it, you can pay me what you think is fair. I don’t want to set a price scheme that doesn’t work for people who can’t afford it. Three bucks from someone who really can’t spare the three bucks is more valuable than thirty bucks from someone with plenty of disposable income.

If you’re not happy with my feedback or you can’t afford to donate, don’t pay me a dime.

So hey, who’s up for getting a little risky? I am. Why not? I love reading and critiquing queries. If you’re interested, click over to my contact form. Put CONSULT at the top of the comment box and paste your query. Include whether or not you’ve sent it out to agents, how many rejections, how many partial or full requests, etc.

If you do decide to donate, I accept PayPal, CashApp ($partyfreckle), Amazon gift cards, and old-fashion Twitter shout outs! Thanks!

With love,


P.S.–See my Query and Manuscript Critiques page for pricing on partial and full manuscripts.