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In first grade, Bethany Taylor fell for a little boy named Arthur Baron, and as fate would have it, he handed her a note and asked her to answer it on the playground the next day. But she never got the chance. The following morning, Bethany learned that Arthur’s family had moved away without notice.

Ten years have passed since that painful day, and now it’s just a distant memory, until one fateful morning when a new student arrives and Bethany’s teacher introduces him as Arthur Baron. For reasons she doesn’t understand, Bethany bursts out crying in front of the entire class. Later, at lunch, she approaches Arthur and shows him the note. He remembers her, and a spark ignites between them. As they become reacquainted, Bethany learns of an unspeakable tragedy Arthur endured shortly after moving away, and she begins to see the effect it’s had on him.

Others see it, too, including Jack, a relentless guy who’s been pursuing Bethany all year. Jack tries to warn Bethany against spending time with Arthur, and though his motives are selfish, she knows he’s right: Arthur isn’t the same as he used to be. He has a darkness inside him.

When Jack loses his temper and slaps Bethany in the hallway, it sets off a series of events that might put lives in jeopardy. Now Bethany must risk all to prevent Arthur from doing something terrible, and the cost of failure might be measured in blood. Can Bethany gain control of the situation and negotiate for peace, or will Arthur disappear from her life forever?

TO BE FRIENDS is a dark romantic suspense story about the endurance of friendship through the most unbearable of pain. It contains violent and disturbing scenes.

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