Celebrating 2023 with Free Query Letter Critiques

This offer has ended. Follow my blog to be notified of the next free query critique round.

It’s been four years since I became a full-time developmental editor, and I’m excited to see what will come in 2023.

To celebrate the continued growth of my little business, I’ve decided to reprise my initial path to becoming an editor by giving away free query letter critiques.

This isn’t a contest. I won’t be reviewing queries and choosing winners. Rather, I’m going to leave this post up for about a week, then pick a day and critique as many queries as I possibly can for a single workday (or more if I have time). This might result in everyone getting a query critique, or the latecomers might miss out, but if you’re reading this, you’re welcome to submit by pasting your query letter into the contact form below. I will remove the contact form when this offer ends.

Please note that this will only be a single pass query critique. The critique will come in the form of a Word document with edit suggestions and feedback inserted as comments using track changes. While I’ll try to critique them all, there’s no guarantee I’ll get to yours. It depends on how many writers submit.

If you’re interested in working with me beyond the scope of this free critique, my manuscript and query letter editing services can be found here. As part of celebrating four years as a full-time developmental editor, I’m offering a 25% discount to the next author who books a full manuscript critique or developmental edit. Be sure to mention the offer when you get in touch. I’ll update the post when the discount has been claimed.

Thanks and I hope you have a happy new year! I look forward to reading your query!


Submit Your Query Letter for a Free Critique

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