Developmental Editing and Manuscript Critique Discount

Hello, writers! In an effort to finish booking up my summer spots for fiction projects, I’m offering a 25% discount for developmental editing (1 of 3 available). I’m also offering a 15% discount for manuscript critiques (1 of 2 available).

These discounted rates are first come, first served. I will update the post as the slots are claimed.

What You Get With a Developmental Edit or Manuscript Critique

Developmental Edit: In-document edit suggestions and feedback inserted as comments using track changes, along with an editorial letter discussing concerns related to big picture issues such as character development, plot, pacing, structure, voice, genre appropriateness, subtext. etc. Follow-up questions are also included.

Manuscript Critique: Editorial letter only. Follow-up questions are also included.

Do You Need to Book Your Edit or Critique Now?

Nope! A $100 deposit will lock in the discount, and you can get in touch to schedule the edit or critique whenever you’re ready. (Please note that I’m typically booked up two to three months in advance, so you might want to schedule your developmental edit or manuscript critique when you’re getting close to finishing your novel.)

How to Get in Touch

Use the form below to get started. I’d love to know which service you’re interested in, a little about your project, its genre and projected word count, what your goals are (querying literary agents, self-publishing, small press), and whether you’re ready to book a spot or just want to put down a deposit.

Thanks and I look forward to reading your work!

Client Testimonials

“After eighteen months of fruitless querying, I enlisted the help of Tory Hunter to do a full manuscript critique, along with synopsis. As a result of her suggestions, I received a revise and resubmit request from an agent. Tory worked with me to address the agent’s concerns, and two weeks later I had an offer of representation on my cozy mystery series, which I happily accepted.” — Kate Jackson, mystery [Twitter | Website]

“Think of Tory Hunter as the Manuscript Whisperer. Bring her your tangled, troubled prose and she’ll cure what ails it. Or come to her for an editorial overview and she’ll analyze your work with honesty, intelligence, and compassion. I was pleased beyond all expectation with the work she did for me. Worth every penny!” — J.J. Blacklocke, author of REFUGE: Tradepoint Saga Book One (Aethon Books) [Twitter | Website]

“Writers are told to shove their manuscripts into a drawer for months in order to get the necessary distance to edit their work. You could do that, or you could hire Tory. Her critique gave me both the ‘big picture’ of what wasn’t working, as well as chapter-by-chapter impression of details that didn’t add up. I’m excited to tackle my rewrite with her thoughtful feedback!”—Jami Denison [Twitter | Website]

Book Your Developmental Edit or Manuscript Critique

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