The Last Zombie | A Zombie Apocalypse Book Series

If you’ve followed me for a while, you may know that last year WB Welch and I co-wrote a zombie novella titled The Last Letter (available on Amazon). Heck, you might have even read it. We’ve sold a couple hundred copies, though both of us disappeared from the internet for months right after its release and made little effort to promote it.

Cover art for The Last Letter by Justin Trevor Inkwell

Back From the Dead

Well now we’re back with more zombies and a much larger vision in the form of a three-book zombie apocalypse series called The Last Zombie, which already has a website,, where we’ll post news and updates along with free content like concept art, character bios, short stories, and the occasional giveaway.

If you visit the site, you’ll find a signup form for our email list. This is for readers interested in this series who know better than to rely on social media algorithms to show you the books as they’re released. Anyone who signs up will receive a free ebook of The Last Letter in January (we’re just waiting for the KDP Select enrollment to expire), along with other free, exclusive content down the road.

Writers Selling to Writers = Zombies Eating Zombies

Now I know my blog following is mostly writers. Rest assured that I’m not trying to sell you a book series. I’ve seen hopeful self-published authors face massive disappointment when they’ve released a new book to crickets from the Twitter Writing Community. The Writing Community is not the place to sell books, and we have no intention of trying.

Rather, we’re going to apply all the research I’ve personally conducted this year. The hundreds of hours of podcasts and webinars I’ve watched, the half-dozen marketing and advertising books I’ve read, the tips I’ve garnered from the Six-Figure Author Podcast and the 20Booksto50K Facebook group.

And we’re going to try to do it the right way. The way all the successful self-published authors did it. And perhaps it will offer a guide for how other authors might focus their promotional energies.

I hope that even if you’re not interested in reading our series, you’ll follow along as we take this plunge simply for what you might be able to learn from it–specifically if you’re a self-published author. I plan on updating our progress here at Tory Hunter Books, with details about what steps we’ve taken, where we spent money on advertising, and what, if any, results we’ve seen.

You Should Read Our Zombie Series, Though, Because We’re Awesome

If you are interested–because you like zombie stories or because you’re curious to find out what kind of yarn ye ol’ manuscript critique artist can weave–or if you’d just like to support our efforts, you could stagger on over to Amazon and grab yourself a copy of The Last Letter, or lurch your way over to The Last Zombie Series website and sign up for our email list.

Otherwise you’re undead to us.

With love,


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