Where Have I Been

::whispers:: hello.


In the biggest ghost move I’ve ever pulled, I disappeared from social media earlier this year. I feel like I have some splainin’ to do.

The beginning of 2020, even before the pandemic, was a turbulent time for me. I went through a lot of personal ups and downs that were all consuming in many ways. I found myself emotionally drained on a daily basis. I was also pretty fresh in a new web development position that took a lot of my time and energy. I felt a combination of overwhelmed and depressed as spring approached. I needed to clear my plate.

One of the first things to get the axe was social media. Like a nervous cat, I went through my profiles and hit the delete button. I anxiously awaited for my requests to complete. There was a lot of hesitation, and I almost backed out before my waiting period was up, but I didn’t. I let it all go through. I now realize this may not have been the best way to exit. I could have announced it. I could have said goodbye. My method may have left some confused or lacking closure, and for that I apologize. I didn’t want to be dramatic, and my emotional state didn’t leave me feeling healthy enough to explain. I just needed to disappear.

That being said, I do miss it: the friends, the camaraderie, sharing conversation on something I am passionate about, but I also feel free, less tied down and obligated, more focused, and for that I am thankful.

So what now? What have I been up to?

Well I did a whole lot of nothing for the first half of 2020. The feeling of being overwhelmed didn’t instantly vanish, and my emotional balance didn’t heal immediately. Along with everything else going on, I have been facing a medical issue which leaves me in pain pretty much every day. Coming to terms with the idea of facing that for a lifetime took me a while to accept. Work wasn’t going easy on me either. I’ve only recently come to a place when I have been able to make space for writing again, and I am so thankful to finally come back to it.

I am currently working on a piece for a fiction contest that I am very excited about. I am also working on an R&R an agent requested at the end of last year. Both of these things will be published under my new pseudonym, Helen Troy, if they are accepted. I am also planning to release a series of suspense/thriller/horror short stories on Amazon in the fall (under WB Welch).

Once all of that is done, I have another novel and novella that have been very patiently waiting on me to come back to them. I am hoping to have all of this wrapped up by the end of 2020, but I’ve learned the quality of my writing is very much linked to my emotions, and the worst thing I can do to my creativity is to try and force something that doesn’t want to happen, so I suppose we’ll see how the rest of 2020 plays out.

That’s really all I have for you. Thank you for reading through this post if you’ve made it this far. If anyone does need to get ahold of me, you can always do so through the contact form on wbwelch.com. I hope your year has been restful and peaceful even if things have been abnormal, to say the least. Many well wishes and good tidings to you all.


With love,



9 thoughts on “Where Have I Been

  1. I think we all hit rough spots like that at some point. I know I have, and have taken breaks as a result also. You did what you needed to in order to take care of yourself. 🙂

    Social media is a double edged sword to begin with. Almost completely toxic IMO, but how else is an indie author going to get any sort of publicity?

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  2. Just stumbled on your blog when i was looking for someone to critique my query letter and your post touched me. I am a neurologist, and when I was seeing patients, I saw many with life changing events or diagnoses. You describe a difficult road and I’m glad you have set new tasks for yourself AND that you took time off to deal with the issues. I sign off a lot of my emails with Be well, and I mean it – from one who has seen a lot of not “being well”. And with that I will wish you healing in all its dimensions and freedom from the heaviest of your burdens. Be well. Louis


  3. I stumbled on your blog when I was looking for help in reviewing my query letter. Your journey and its effects touched me. I often end an email with “Be Well”, and I mean it. When I was in my neurological practice, I had to tell many patients a diagnosis they did not want to hear or worked with then through sudden disability and worse. “Be well” is not always possible. Your path is not easy, but I believe your setting the tasks you’ve indicated have given you goals that can help focus your energies. In your case, I wish you to achieve your personal and professional objectives. Be well. Louis


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