Want a Free Query Letter Critique? Read This.

A COUPLE weeks ago, I put out a tweet offering to do a round of free query letter critiques, with the option to tip if you’re happy with the feedback and you have the means to do so. I still have a small queue of queries in my inbox, but from now on I’ll be going through a handful a day after work.

I’ve decided I’m going to extend this offer through the month of January and, depending on how high they pile up, perhaps longer, so if you’d like some help with your query letter, simply paste it into the form on my Contact page, and I’ll be in touch as soon as I get to yours.

Bear in mind that you will be invited to tip. The simple truth of the matter is that if writers of means are generous enough to make a small contribution to the cause, I’ll be able to keep this service free for those who can’t afford it. So don’t be offended. Take your critique and run. No harm, no foul. I’ll keep critiquing query letters until I burn out and shut down the free service.

Why does it matter if I critique your query letter? you ask. Totally rude, but fair.

In the early months of last year, I critiqued well over a hundred queries and was delighted to hear back from a number of authors that they’d experienced an increased rate of partial and full manuscript requests as a result. I also helped a handful of authors craft pitch tweets for #PitMad, and a good number of them wound up getting likes from agents. On top of that, last year I helped dozens of authors refine their submission materials, including the synopsis and sample chapters, and several of them have had similar success with querying or pitching at writer’s conferences.

What can I say? I’m a pitch b*tch. Try me out.

With love,


P.S.–After you send me your query letter, I’d love it if you shared this post on Twitter to help spread the word to other querying authors. Don’t worry, I’ll be critiquing them in order. Wink emoji.

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