Rest Your Head in My Lap For a While

Come, rest your head in my lap for a while.

Tell me of your tiresome journeys
and of your fearsome foes;
tell me of a time long past,
tell me of your woes.
Tell me of the countless battles,
the wars waged in your day,
tell me of the wondrous happenings
surprising you along the way.

Tell me of your time well passed
and of your measures met,
tell me of your broken thoughts
and of your wageless bet.
Tell me of your hopes and fears,
let me see your dreams,
Tell me, does it feel your life
is bulging at the seams?

I’ll tell you you should worry not,
and though the day is long,
the sun will set in its own time,
just like the fading gong.
I’ll tell you of your feigning heart
and why it feels so low,
I’ll tell you life can feel so hard
anywhere you go.

I’ll tell you if you lift the veil
to see what lies beneath,
Your heart will see the middle then,
Your knife will surely sheath.
Tis human to go o’er this life,
tis human to know strife,
tis human to receive this tree
from which we devour life.


With love,


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