When Am I Going to Wake Up?

I’M AMAZED at the quality of the manuscripts I’ve been hired to critique thus far. There’s an absurd aspect to it that keeps occurring to me: I’m getting paid to read books I would buy if I picked them up off a shelf.

I feel so lucky that this venture is taking off. All my life I’ve wanted to work in the publishing world in some capacity–mostly as a world-famous author, but I’ve always dreamed of being able to make my whole day about books and writing.

Now, suddenly, it’s happening. As long as gigs continue to come in at their current rate, I’ll be able to do this full time, and working from home will afford me more time to write my own stories.

This is just a quick thank you to those daring souls who took a chance on me in the early stages. I wonder what inspired you to take that risk. Was it based on faith or feel or curiosity?

Regardless, I’m flattered every time one of you tells me I actually helped you, whether with your plot or your drive or your willingness to believe in yourself.

I can tell you without doubt that many of my current and past clients have careers as authors ahead of them. Literary agents should be coming to me for recommendations. Some of you are that good. And now I’m left to wonder . . . how the hell did this happen?

When am I going to wake up from this dream?

With love,


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