The Big 10k Giveaway

It’s here! It’s here! For those of you who are unfamiliar with the history, I’ve given away random things over the course of the past few months. Not long after I reached four thousand followers on Twitter, I decided I was going to giveaway an Astrohaus Freewrite when I got to ten thousand.

It’s finally happening.

What is a Freewrite do you ask? Well, you should check out their website, they’ll spit more facts than I intend to here, but, in other words, it’s a digital typewriter that you’ll fall in love with for the mechanical keyboard with Cherry™  Keyswitches alone. Check out the following two links if you would like more info.

Freewrite Smart Typewriter (2nd Gen)

Now for the good stuff. How do you enter the drawing? What are the rules? Please see below:


– Some of you already have entries into the drawing. Those of you who commented on and retweeted the original announcement back in November already have your name in the bucket. You are eligible to get another entry. Keep reading.

– To be eligible to win, you must be following @authorwbwelch and @partyfreckle on Twitter.

– This is an international giveaway. If Astrohaus will ship to you, you are eligible. Have a peek at their site if you would like to check your eligibility (

– I’ll be accepting entries through Thursday, February 7th.


– Like, retweet, AND comment on the post pinned to the top of @authorwbwelch’s Twitter page which announces the giveaway (retweet the original post; quote tweeting does not count).

That’s it! Nothing fancy. No required tagging. No hoops to jump through.

Thank you to EVERYONE who has gotten on the follow train. I absolutely love the writing community on twitter. I only wish I found you guys years ago when I was getting started. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. I can’t wait to announce the winner next Friday!

With love,


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