I Would, But I Can’t

I would say I’m going to get so much done tonight. I would say the words are going to flow freely. I would say my mind is teeming with ideas, and they are going to race to the page to see who can get used first.

I would say it hasn’t been a long day. I would say I’m not exhausted. I would say I ate super healthy – no sweets, no coffee, no pizza. I would say I’ve done my stretches.

I would say I didn’t wake up a little late. I would say I was well rested. I would say I brushed my hair before I left the house. I would say I didn’t spill coffee on my favorite hoodie. I would say I wore matching socks.

I would say every day is perfect. I would say no mistakes ever find their way into my days. I would say enthusiasm never leaves my stride.

I would, but I can’t. I’m human.

With love, as always,


2 thoughts on “I Would, But I Can’t

  1. I Would say that you are doing really awesome work. And that is the truth, glad you are apart of this silly, crazy, difficult but riveting exploration that is life and being human. The world is better because you are in it.

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