I Implore You

You guys are reading my random thoughts, so I’m going to keep putting them out there. Today I want to talk about perspective.

Perspective is the difference between a smile and a frown, peace and anguish, indifference and anger; perspective is literally how we see the world. How is perspective built?


Do you remember your first PG-13 or Rated R movie? Do you remember the jokes you didn’t get or the interactions you couldn’t understand? As you aged, maybe you watch the movie again. Suddenly you catch references and innuendoes that flew over your head when you were younger. This is because you have a new perspective, a new understanding of the words and phrases used, so now, you’re in on the joke.

Life is a lot like this.

Situations that cause hurt or anger can be experienced completely differently with a perspective adjustment. I’ll explain.

Now before anyone accuses me of diminishing the impact of serious situations, this is not what I’m doing. Heartbreak is heartbreak, devastation is devastation, suffering is suffering. I’m simply saying that negative situations can be less torturous if we look at them differently.

I have seen my fair share of trials in my past. Once upon a time, I reveled in my suffering. I was depressed, I fought an eating disorder, and in my younger years, I even resorted to self harm. Thankfully, growing up, my father talked to me about things like meditation, peace, patience, and love for my fellow humans. Though it took me until my adult years to really appreciate these things, they have served me in innumerable ways.

I digress.

The point of this is to make a call to action, to help you have better days, too. I, one hundred percent, believe in the capability of the human mind combined with one’s will power – I have literally seen someone’s life change after a moment of clarity – depression now manageable, anger starting to subside, resentments forgotten. All it takes is a new way to look at a situation to make it a little less horrible.

On my hard days, the days when imposter syndrome hits or when I’m feeling overwhelmed or even hopeless, I think of others in the world, both more and less fortunate than I, and I think about the problems I am facing. I remind myself that nothing at all says my life is any more or less special, my problems are not as bad as they could be, and that I’ve seen others in the midst of much harder times carry a smile on their face and maintain the most humble of attitudes.

Please, I implore you, practice the art of letting go. If you can be free of attachment, it’s easier to see things as they are. Without worrying about the end result, the journey becomes more the focus and the path easier to travel. Do things not because you want to gain something else, do them for the enjoyment, for the experience – if it’s a job you hate, don’t think of it as doing it for the money; you are doing it out of good character, because you’re a hard worker, because food and shelter are necessary. And please, take time each day to reflect, to love, to encourage, to be at peace. Life is hard. Be gentle with yourself and do what you can when you can. It’s literally all you can do.

With love,


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