The Heart of the Matter

Why do we write? That is a very open ended question with answers that are unique to each individual. Some write to tell the story, some to evoke a response, some to pass the time, and of course, there is always the lingering thought, “One day I could be rich and famous.” But really, why do we write?

If you dig deep down to the heart of the matter, I believe there is a shared truth for every single one of us, the original link that started the chain, and I think it’s much more profound than some of the conscious reasons we give for why we write.

We write because it is in us, as music is engrained into musicians and as artists have a keen eye…we were simply born with a respect for words and the way they come together. We write because we feel it, because we have an affinity for tales, because we must. We write because we have a connection that not everyone in this world can feel – and I think that’s why the writing community is such a special place. We respect one another as we nod to the shared passion, and we interact in hopes of lifting one another up while simultaneously making a connection with someone who understands us.

Regardless of the forking branches of our journeys, we all pulled the first word of our first draft from the same place – the center of a very tender, very hopeful heart. I find comfort in this, and I feel as if I get a glimpse into that heart when I read another author’s work. Thank you to each and every one of you for finding the courage to create. To say the least, it’s beautiful.

With love,


6 thoughts on “The Heart of the Matter

  1. Wonderfully put, the heart is where we find each other. Thanks for writing. Courage is powerful when we strip our selves raw for the world to see. A bleeding heart is beautiful in its weakness. I must be willing to risk that weakness to share that beauty.

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