Who Is This WB, and Why Do I Want Her To Read My Book?

I am thrilled to announce this partnership. Tory is such an amazing person and has such a wonderful soul. I am very happy to work with her on all of your projects. With eager eyes, we will go through your words and help them sing.

A lot of you know I authored Blood Drops, but other than that, you may not know much about me or why you might want me to proofread your work and discuss editorial points with Tory.


I am a sucker for a beautifully composed sentence. I always have been. My love started young with good books and well-written dialog in movies. As I’ve aged, this hasn’t changed, and I’ve made it a point to learn and study the English language. I majored in journalism in college while I took electives like English Literature and Shakespeare; I’ve read truckloads of books and watched movies with dialog I enjoy on an obsessive level; I listen to audiobooks and lectures on grammar and writing for fun….basically, what I’m trying to say is that it’s never been a chore for me to interact with words – it’s a way I enjoy passing my time.

What does that mean for you? That means I have read countless combinations of words and phrases, that I have a keen eye for something out of place, but also that I recognize the music that flows with a story because it’s something I have always had a connection with. Sometimes, moving one sentence to another location changes the way the paragraph sits with the reader, or a small change of phrase can make a scene bloom and touch the heart. I am not only going to mark your grammar and spelling errors, but I am also going to incorporate suggestions to make sure each page, each paragraph, each word carries the beat you’re trying to set.

I look forward to interacting with each and every one of your sentences, and I hope you appreciate the love I have to give to your work. Tory and I look forward to helping you polish your masterpiece.


With love,


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