I Want to Investigate You

I’M WORKING on how to go about helping other writers build an active, engaged Twitter following, and I have some ideas, but I need to test them out. You busy? That’s fine—you don’t have to do anything for now except raise your hand (which you can do with a comment here or with a reply to the tweet when I post it).

Raise your hand if you:

A) want to grow your audience,

B) don’t feel 100% confident in your ability to do so, and

C) have thick skin

What happens if I pick you?

First, I will ask that you send me a message through my contact form and tell me about yourself: what you write, what your goals are (self-pub, getting an agent, etc.), and any other information that’ll help paint a picture of who you are. Extroverted? Introverted? Optimist? Pessimist? Cat lover or dog lover or both (the proper answer)?

Second, I will conduct an investigation of your Twitter profile, which will include reading through at least a month’s worth of your tweets.

From there, I will write a detailed report analyzing those tweets and advising you on what you can do to speed up your audience growth.

Once you’ve read the report, I’ll ask that you respond with feedback on how helpful the information is to you—and it would be lovely if you tried out the advice and were able to report results too!

If I get a lot of volunteers, I’ll pick five or so—a range of personalities—and then choose the one I think would most likely participate in this little experiment to the fullest.

So who wants to be my test subject?

Reply = hand raised.

RT = you’re way more likely to get picked.

With love,


11 thoughts on “I Want to Investigate You

  1. I’m in, I had a few high impression rates with one mere retweet (or none). Am uncertain if I should repeatedly say Pls RT or Pls follow. It feels like I am pandering.


  2. Why not? I look at Twitter nearly every day, and every time I feel like a blubbering, barely cohesive mess! I’d love to figure out why I find Twitter so much more intimidating than blogging.


  3. I’ve about got things together to start getting my career/business off the ground and ready to get serious about building an audience. I can use all the help, hints, strategy ideas you can throw at me!


  4. Sure, sounds like an interesting adventure and certainly something new for me to learn from 🤓
    Thanks for all you do for our growing community 😘
    Lidia (future published author 📚)


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