Why Hire Me to Read Your Manuscript

THE REAL question is why should you pay anyone to read your manuscript? One answer is obvious: every writer needs an editor. You’re so close to your story that you become blind to its faults and errors. A plot hole or a fatal inconsistency can make or break a book, as can too many grammatical errors or that one underdeveloped character who happens to be pivotal to the story.

It’s not just about cleaning up the final draft, though. There’s something more important than being grammatically flawless. That’s why I don’t focus so much on the occasional misplaced comma—I catch every error I can, but what I do is somewhat different.

I read your book like there’s a final exam on it tomorrow. I do everything I can to connect not only with the story that’s there but with the story you’re trying to tell. A big part of my editorial letter isn’t just suggestions for revision. It’s my synopsis. My retelling of the story I’ve just read, so that you, as the author, know just how well you’ve conveyed your themes, your meaning, your characters, your plot—your story.

A generous and thorough beta reader can arguably provide what I provide. If you have a beta reader you believe to be effective, you don’t need me.

However, if you’re planning on self-publishing or querying agents but have no second set of eyes available to you, I am here. I’d do it for free if I could, but the world doesn’t work that way. Right now my rates translate to barely above minimum wage. That’ll have to change soon, but I want to remain as affordable for people as possible, even if I get swamped with inquiries.

Hit me up. Start with a 5K critique if you’re unsure. If you want to move forward from there, the price you paid for the 5K will be deducted from the cost of the full.

I don’t skim, I don’t skip, I don’t get bored, I don’t rush. If you pay me money, you’re going to get your money’s worth. You’re going to find out exactly what a reader takes away from your story.

I’ll do the best that I possibly can. Scroll back up to the Menu and see Query and Manuscript Critiques if you’re interested.

With love,


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