How to Twitter Effectively: Vol. 1

THIS IS the start of a new series I’m doing here on my bloggy blog in which I’ll be offering tips on how to build your following and increase engagement. I’ve learned a lot about Twitter since I joined last month, and I want to share what I know with newcomers to the writing community and anyone else who wants to play with fire by taking my advice.

Since this is the first entry in the series, I’ve chosen as today’s topic my absolute favorite part of Twitter: PROMPT TWEETS.

Prompt tweets are like little games:

“Tell me about your WIP.”

“List three things your MC can’t live without.”

“Hey, it’s my birthday and I’m buying a couple books. Post your link here and retweet to enter!”

I looove prompt tweets because they bring a whole bunch of people together and they tend to get high engagement, which is invaluable to the tweeter who started it all, because it means exposure, a high impression rate, and new followers.

Here are a couple tips for the next time you post a prompt tweet:

1) Be creative. Don’t repeat prompts you’ve seen over and over. Make it unique. Make it stand out.

2) Invite interactivity. Let’s say you’re buying books based on pitches. Invite everyone who enters to go through and up-vote their favorite pitch. This will lead to conversations forming and more people returning to the thread to get in on the fun. It also helps you comb through the pitches later because some of the best ones will have garnered a lot of likes! (But don’t ignore the ones that didn’t! They might be late entries or might have posted when Twitter wasn’t as active.)

3) If you buy someone’s book from a prompt thread, POST A SCREENSHOT. Not only does it make the author happy, but that screenshot is a little billboard that the author can retweet to show everyone that their book moves off the shelf. (Make sure to crop your screenshot to the dimensions of a tweet photo—use the PicMonkey app if you need to!)

Well there you go folks! This has been the inaugural installment of How to Twitter Effectively. Hope you enjoyed it and I look forward to your fun prompts! Tune in next week for more tips!

With love,


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