I Need to Clear Up a Few Things

I HAVE a lot of work to do this morning, but a couple things are on my mind and I need to peel them off before they suck out my brains. Please don’t be offended by any of this as it is not my intention. I just need to clear up a few things.

1) I do not under any circumstance accept gifted books from authors. I get a lot of requests, and I’m grateful, but I have a TBR pile as high as my ceiling and I’m not going to take your book, and in effect your hard work and money, when odds are I won’t read it. I do, however, enter giveaways from time to time, and if your book is free on Amazon I’m happy to take a look and download it if it intrigues me. Otherwise, I buy my books. You can post your book in the prompt threads I tweet out regularly if you want to increase your odds that I’ll read it.

2) There’s some snark in the air about the poll for most supportive member of the writing community. Personally I don’t think I deserve to have made the finals, but on behalf of the other three members I want to assure any doubters that these people earned their nominations by being selfless and compassionate and caring. They were voted in by an open call for nominations. Hundreds of people were nominated. This isn’t a popularity contest and it isn’t designed to exclude. Rather, when people see good behavior being rewarded, it encourages them to take a more positive path in their own lives and effectively helps create a better future. It is a good thing to showcase kindness. If you disagree, I’m afraid your mind has led you astray.

3) In the months leading up to me starting my Twitter account on a whim, I was in a very dark place. Depressed, anxious, lonely, and coming to a breaking point. I had a few long nights that might easily have been my finale–I do not say this lightly. I don’t know where I would be right now without this community. I was like a child lost in the woods, starving and dehydrated and convinced the cries of coyotes were the utterances of ghosts, with no understanding of where I’d come from or where I was going. And then one day I stumbled out into warm light and a bright, open field where I met tons of people whose faces instantly looked familiar, and I wasn’t scared anymore. I wouldn’t trade this place for a mountain of gold. Thank you for putting up with me.

With love,


3 thoughts on “I Need to Clear Up a Few Things

  1. Completely agree. Egos getting in the way of rewarding helpful people is a shame. The “contest” does nothing to diminish all the other helpful people on twitter also.

    Twitter has been a real mixed blessing for me. I *really* doubt i’d be going forward with writing if not for all the support I’ve gotten. Having hope of doing something meaningful again has been a huge boost for me also. Still, the emotional energy there swings wildly from awesome to a cesspool, and quickly too. It gets hard to deal with at times.

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  2. The writing community on Twitter also saved me from a very dark time and place. There is nothing like seeing the words of your people and feeling appreciated.to pull you through.

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