It’s My Birthday!

HAVE YOU heard? It’s my birthday! I always get really excited on my birthday like there’s a cake and a pony coming my way.

Unfortunately there’s no cake and there’s no pony. In fact I’m going to be by myself all day, but that’s okay. I still have some Amazon gift card dollars and I’m going to hang out on Twitter and buy books and beg for query letters and it’ll be fun! Who knows, I may grab a bottle of wine later and get really messy with my tweets!

I hope to see you around today. I may not respond to DMs much because I woke up to a bunch of them and my app is slow. My phone has the processing power of a 1980s calculator and it frustrates me to no end. But if you really want to chat, go read about my free query critique offer and drop your query letter in my contact form!

It’s. My. Birthday!

With love,


P.S.–To all the men in my message requests wishing me many happy birthdays and letting me know I’ve inherited 2.7 millions dollars from a Nigerian prince, my cashapp is $partyfreckle. I look forward to my 2.7 million dollars! I’m gonna get that pony after all!

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