Last Night’s Giveaways

LAST NIGHT I bought eight books, six to give away and two for myself. There wasn’t a whole lot of activity on Twitter at the time, so giveaway entries were lower than I’d hoped, but it was still lots of fun.

This is just a quick post to let you know I plan on making giveaways a regular thing if my query critiques keep yielding tips. I want to generate a little budget for my upcoming novella release so I can hire a book cover artist and an editor to polish me up before I walk out on the showroom floor–but I can’t help but pass along someone’s generosity when I am lucky enough to receive it.

If you see a writer asking for query help, I hope you’ll send them my way. I am thrilled to work with any author who’s pursuing an agent, regardless of their ability to pay.

That’s right. I’ll do it fo’ free.

I need 10 more queries today on top of what’s in my inbox. If I have nothing to do I’ll go insane. I’ll start ripping off pieces of yellow wallpaper and talking to myself. I’ll wander off into the night not dressed properly for the weather. I’ll emerge days later unable to speak of the horrors I encountered.

Please. Please help me.

(maniacal laughter emoji)

With love,


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