Query and Manuscript Critiques

**NOTICE: If you’re here to submit your query letter for the gift card giveaway, please read this post first, then submit through the contact form on the Contact page.**

HERE IS what I can offer you, along with what it’ll cost. If you want me, go to my Contact page and send me a message. I’ll likely respond the same day.


Send me your query along with a little information about how it has performed for you so far. I’ll critique it for free. If you’re happy with the feedback, and you feel so inclined, you can tip me through PayPal or with an Amazon gift card. No obligation. You’re welcome to take the feedback and saunter away having made a new friend–at zero cost!

You might find yourself so happy with my critique that you decide you want me to take a look at your manuscript. Here’s what I can do for you there:


First 5K words = $40

Full manuscript = $5 per 1000 words


A comprehensive editorial letter that discusses your book top to bottom, including plot, character development, structure, pacing, action, scene-setting, conflict and resolution, story arc, weak areas, strengths, genre placement, market placement, target audience, and an overall reader’s review to express the book’s power and impact.

You will also receive a list of notes that I write as I read along to help identify inconsistencies, plot holes, bad transitions, weak moments, clutter, confusing dialogue, and those beautiful moments that leave me awestruck.


If you’re unsure about hiring me, test my skills for free by dropping your query letter in my inbox. There’s no risk. For queries, you only pay me if you feel like it.

Also, if you purchase a 5K critique and then want to move forward for a full manuscript critique, the price you paid for the partial will be deducted from the cost of the full.

Hit me up. Trust me.

With love,


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