Writing Community Readers

I WANT to take a moment to highlight the beta reading group I created in case you haven’t heard of it. It’s called Writing Community Readers and can be found on Twitter at @ReadersWriting. If you’re planning on beta reading a manuscript, you and the author should take advantage of what this group offers–all you’ll be adding to your process is a tweet, and the perks are worth it! I’ll explain why, but first let me tell you how it works.

1) Follow @ReadersWriting. (If this shows up as a link it probably redirects back to my blog. You might have to search the group on Twitter.)

2) Tweet your request for beta readers using the hashtag #WCRequest along with your TITLE, GENRE, WORD COUNT, and PITCH. Feel free to use multiple tweets for your pitch if needed.

3) Beta readers, search the hashtag and find a story. Contact the author to arrange for receiving the manuscript. Then get to readin’!

4) Once you’ve sent the author feedback, reply to the author’s tweet with #WCReader and let us know you’ve fulfilled the request.

5) Now that you’re a confirmed beta reader, Writing Community Readers will follow you on Twitter. That’s how we’ll keep track of you. But THEN . . .

6) When a #WCReader has a new release in the future–self-published or traditional–I, Tory Hunter, along with @ReadersWriting and many of its generous followers, will help promote your book in the first week of its release. The more times you beta read, the louder we will cheer for your book when the time comes. On top of that, if you’ve run the manuscript through our group and your beta readers loved it, you already have a promotional army at your disposal!

Sound good? Then hop on over to @ReadersWriting, click on #WCRequest in the bio, and start reading!

With love,


2 thoughts on “Writing Community Readers

  1. Thank you for making this great Idea work.I love it!
    Count on it,I will be joining both tweeter and blogs,although I suck at writting i’m starting scribbling thanks for the encouragment of the of this great team,now I have full support from the team who can go through my scripts.

    Thank I will follow your tweeter handle.
    Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

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