Make an Agent’s Dream Come True

DO YOU know what today is? Today is the day all the literary agents return to their offices to sip coffee and catch up on their workload after an extended holiday vacation. Not all, of course. But the fluorescent lights are back on and inboxes are being browsed and agencies will be reopening to submissions.

How’s that manuscript coming along, writer? Is your query pristine, engaging, and as brief as you can make it without losing its essence? I hope so because fall submissions are out to publishers, the new year is upon us, and room is being made to take on new clients even for those who only take on one or two a year.

The winter months are a great time for reading. With fresh submissions out there and not a lot of queries to browse, this is the time when literary agents dream of auctions and preempts and book deals and bestseller lists, just like writers. It’s a time to be inspired.

Are you ready?

Then go make an agent’s dream come true.

With love,


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