All the Things I Did Today (poem for a children’s book)

I ran across this in my files having forgotten I wrote it. Don’t know that I’ll ever do anything with it, but it was fun to reencounter. It’s definitely not complete and it might be awful but I’m sharing it anyway! (I don’t know if the formatting will transfer properly but let’s see.)

All the Things I Did Today

Today I did so many things
A lot
I kid you not
I screamed
I laughed
I dreamed
I hid
Got caught
Don’t touch the oven
the oven’s hot
So many things
some I forgot
I did them all
I think
I ought
to pick a book
and find my spot
I love to read
to learn, be taught
and water the plants in the flower pot

Today I did so many things
I wonder what tomorrow brings

When I wake up from my dreams
the stairs

One step, two step, three step four
Where is four?

Breakfast time! I’ll have some eggs
up in my highchair

Oops! I spilled some on the floor.
Where’s the floor?

Run into the living room
to find the blue ball

Yellow, orange, green, and blue
Where is blue?

Babysitter’s at the door
chase me down the hall

Then I’ll play a game with you.
How are you?

Love you, Mom, and love you, Dad
Have a happy day!

Wave and smile and say, “Bye-bye.”

Yay! It’s time to go outside!
Let’s go out to play!

Fresh air, sunshine, squirrels in trees
Find a squirrel!

Time to watch a movie now

adventures in the big blue sky
A butterfly!

I’m suddenly silly
and loopy and chilly
I’m goofy
I’m yawning
I go willy nilly
to bed where I’ll dream
I’m a frog on a lily
in a pond
in a field
where it’s sunny and hilly.


Tory Hunter

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